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APB Marine Limited is a specialist support company providing marine and engineering consultancy and assistance to the marine renewable energy sector.

Renewable energy is becoming more important to the infrastructure of our coast where fish stocks are able to regenerate within the exclusion boundaries of the fields.

APB Marine Limited has discussed the need for greater power to be harnessed from wind, waves and tides, and the need for offshore floating wind farms and the method of securing these structures.

  • Safe Towage of the Varied Structures
  • Safe Mooring of the Structures

Through the network of companies associated to APB Marine Limited, we have extensive experience of the complete marine project lifecycle from which we are able to consistently deliver appropriate, innovative and robust solutions to our clients.

APB Marine Limited has been involved in several renewable energy projects since conception including concrete based deployment in the marine arena.

Simon Evans has worked on many projects during his career in the marine industry including:

  • Drace Infraestructures UK Limited
  • Wave Energy (East Coast UK)
  • Tidal Energy (Orkneys)
  • Operation and Coating Protection of the Pelamis Tubes
  • Beach Reclamation (Heasham, Norfolk)
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