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Commercial Survey Types


As Marine Consultants APB Marine Limited are well equipped to service our Client’s needs and with our associated contacts and affiliated companies, we are able to offer the following services:

Valuation Surveys

APB Marine Limited professional surveyors are able to offer valuation surveys on the hull and machinery of all Vessels, from Yachts and Workboats to Commercial Shipping of any size.

Condition Survey

APB Marine Limited are able to carry out condition surveys for Clients who wish to put their Vessels through rigorous condition monitoring schemes. APB Marine Limited’s professional surveyors are able to audit the Vessel for safety management. To ensure slips, trips and potential hazardous areas are highlighted and can be addressed before accidents happen.

Dry Docking Surveys

APB Marine Limited are able to carry out pre-dry dock surveys for either Class docking or general maintenance dry docking requirements. APB Marine Limited are able to proof read or write the specifications required. APB Marine Limited can cost and submit to tender, as required, to the associated dry docking facilities. APB Marine Limited can provide a cost base review and recommend, after assessment, the facility best suited to the Client’s requirements. On completion, APB Marine Limited will offer a full dry dock report issued to the Client and Master of the Vessel.

Ultrasonic Surveys

APB Marine Limited are able to offer full ultrasonic checks of the hull and structure to Class rules and regulations but not for Class rules. All data would be advisory. All highlighted defects would be offered to the Client upon completion of survey within 7 working days.

Damage Surveys

APB Marine Limited is able to offer an independent survey on damaged hull and machinery items for Class, Classification and Insurance purposes. APB Marine Limited are accredited surveyors within the ‘Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ships Surveyors’ and the ‘International Institute of Marine Surveyors’. APB Marine Limited are able to give written independent reports to Client’s of Vessels, ports and equipment suppliers, when their property is damaged. The reports are independent and can be used in litigation. The report will offer a “solution to” and a specification as to repairs, when required and we will oversee all works to reinstate the equipment to the original condition and the Client’s satisfaction.

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